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Kirki Microbrewery Products commenced its operation in September of 2015 but the idea was born a year earlier…It was the 15th of September 2014 and we were having fun at dinner when Yiannis (Dritsas*) suggested to the other Yiannis (Chaniotis**), who at that time was considering various business opportunities, “Yianni Chanioti, why don’t you market your own beer?” “Let’s make it together”, he replied. Ideas about possible names came pouring out. We laughed a lot! Then a girl of that day’s companionship said in a confident way “I found it, we will name your beer Kirki”. “Why Kirki”? “Because it will cast a spell to anyone who tries it. That’s why”! In our way out, another girl said, “I wish you decide to make it, it is great idea”!

It could have been one of the many stories that you just talk about it but never do something. This was not one of those stories.

So we started a joke which we turned into a serious project, committing ourselves to it. After a number of delays, disappointments, setbacks – one of them turned out to be a good thing – with a great deal of love to what we are doing and a lot of patience, Kirki and Pikri were born. Or more precisely, Pikri and Kirki, since this is the order we launched them in the market.

For more information about our products you can click on “our beers”. The production takes place in Chalkida and our headquarters are located in Piraeus.


*Yiannis Dritsas studied finance in the USA and he is an active entrepreneur for the last five years. In Kirki MP, he is responsible for Finance and Operations Management.

**Yiannis Chaniotis studied food technology and had eight years of managerial experience in sales, working for a multinational company of the beer sector. In Kirki MP, he is responsible for the Commercial Management.

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